The Walking Dead Assault Android Review Galaxy S4 – Androidizen

The Walking Dead Assault Android is a fantastic take on one of the best TV shows ever made. Following the story from the TV show you wake up as Rick in a hospital and find a zombie outbreak has happened. Q survival, you’ll have to navigate your way through the various greyscale awesome looking maps, defeating zombies as you go, grabbing power-ups, ammunition and surviving as long as you possibly can. While the graphics are grey in nature. they really add something to the immersion of the gameplay experience, providing a de-saturated environment that really keeps the focus on the action. The Walking Dead Assault is easily one of the best zombie shooters available on Android at the moment. However, it’s episodic nature means that you won’t be buying the full game today. You will have to unlock additional episodes over time, which of course will cost you a few pennies. The Walking Dead Assault is well worth picking up on Android, we can’t recommend it enough. **** The Androidizen Subscribe! Follow on Twitch! Check out our website Visit YouTubers.Watch http://YouTubers.Watch Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! *****