Sophos Mobile Security Android Review – Nexus 7 – Androidizen

Sophos Mobile Security Android is a free Mobile anti-virus application for the Android device and it promises not to affect performance or that all-important battery power.

You get protection from attacks by USSD and it also allows you to wipe your phone or lock it remotely if the phone is lost or stolen. If you register the program it will scan every number before you dial it.

If you do mislay the phone, then it can display a message for the finder so you can get it back, and it also uses tracking to find out if it’s been stolen and lets you know if your SIM card has been changed. We really like Sophos Mobile Security for Android.

You don’t want your privacy, and that of your business contacts and friends, put at risk so the privacy protection is worth having. It tells you when apps are about to access your address book as well as alerting you to apps which might be running up bills for you.

Sophos also gives you quite easy to understand installation instructions and it’s easy to use too.Visit our website:

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