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Fate of Konor Week 2 Search and Destroy Warhammer 40000

Fate of Konor Week 2 Search and Destroy in Warhammer 40,000 global campaign. This week it’s all about Search and destroy Konor is the manufacturing and fuel-producing capital of its eponymous system, and thus this forge world is a vital target for both Imperial and Chaos forces. The Death Guard and their allies have assembled a vast invasion force for the conquest of the planet, including detachments of xenos mercenaries and millions-strong hordes of fanatical cultists. The fighting on Konor has been fierce, yet through the valour and determination of those tasked with defending the system’s capital planet, the Imperium’s forces have thus far endured. Elite warriors and armoured walkers now scour the ruined industrial districts for pockets of surviving invaders even as stealth units encircle them and close in for the kill.