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Galactic Run Android Review, had a heck of a day so no long written review today. Galactic Run is one of the hardest games I’ve ever played it’s Awesome! Visit our website: See Galaxy S3 accessories here: Space battles are among the best Android games out there so we were chuffed to see that Rebel Box has come up with Galactic Run. This is a 63p game from the Play Store, with gameplay in the third person, but you get a lot of entertainment for your money. There are three ships with bonuses, seven pilots and a real bonanza of battles. It’s an all-round game with top down shooting, vertical mayhem and survival gameplay. You don’t have to play on your phone either, because Galactic Run has also been optimised for tablets which is great as phones can be a bit small when you have a lot of enemies to deal with. The better you get, the further out into space you journey and if you warp to far-off galaxies you can boost your score three-fold. You use the accelerometer to move and hit the screen to fire. As you level up, it does get more difficult, the devs say the only guarantee is death. Gulp!!! But before you reach wipeout you can get a whole arsenal of useful weapons and pit your skills against other players to see who can get the highest score. Rebel Box are the devs of that other compulsive game Supermarket Scramble so if you survive the space ordeal, you might want to check that one out next. **** The Androidizen Subscribe! Follow on Twitch! Check out our website Visit YouTubers.Watch http://YouTubers.Watch Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! *****