Destiny problems and failures – Androidizen

Destiny problems and failures – while Destiny is a great game, its rough edges shine brightly, so let’s discuss them. Warning this Destiny problems and failures video contains footage from late in the first half of the game. Destiny’s biggest issue is the terrible voice over work that causes the dialogue to feel bland and uninteresting. It literally feels like the voice actors were reading from cue cards and the engineers used the first take they laid down. Destiny’s story is central to the reason to continue playing and with such flat voice work it really takes any urgency out of the missions you are going on. Mission design in Destiny is also bland and uninteresting. Once you have played a few it’s rinse, repeat over and over again. Stretches of missions in Destiny involve corridors with nothing to shoot leading to a big room with wave after wave of enemies. It’s weak game design not even hitting the level of immersion of a Battlefield single player campaign, let alone COD or Wolfenstein. Multiplayer maps feel too big for the number of players they allow leading to a lot of walking trying to find something to kill, this is especially pronounced in Deathmatch and 3v3 matches. Destiny is a fine game but its rough edges shine brightly, a little too brightly imo. **** The Androidizen Subscribe! Follow on Twitch! Check out our website Visit YouTubers.Watch http://YouTubers.Watch Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! *****