Alert GTA V Hacked RockStar Social Accounts Security Compromised

Alert GTA V Hacked RockStar Social Accounts Security Compromised. The evidence is mounting and Rockstar still refuse to admit their system have been hacked.

Their level of customer service for GTA V is a disgrace and genuine customers are loosing their purchases to scammers. due to piss poor account security from Rockstar.

When will companies start to be responsible with gamers security and ensure they have account handling systems that confirm any changes to an account via an email or sms confirmation?

It’s time we as gamers demanded proper security from every business that holds our data.

Galaxy S6 problems and Failures

Galaxy S6 problems and Failures as is our tradition here is a look at what went wrong with the Galaxy S6 in our problems and failures video.

Every device has some problems with it at launch and the Galaxy S6 is no exception although it should be noted that Samsung have done a fantastic job this time around with their QA teams the Galaxy S6 has presented with fewer problems than previous Samsung devices.

Galaxy S6 Clear Silicone Gel Case Review

Galaxy S6 Clear Silicone Gel Case Review – taking a look at a silicone gel case for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

This case kindly provided for review by Mobile Madhouse and you can learn more about this case on their website:

For effective, no-nonsense protection for your mobile, pay close attention to this YouSave Samsung Galaxy S6 Gel Case Clear from Mobile Madhouse.

Silicone gel is an ideal material as a base for a protective cover: it’s strong enough to shield your handset from knocks, scratches and spills as well as being flexible enough to give you a reassuring grip.

Galaxy S6 Battery Drain Fix

Samsung has pushed a fix for the Galaxy S6 Battery Drain bug many people have encountered with the Galaxy S6.

To install the update head into the Play Store and look in your installed app list for the Samsung Push services app and run the update.

We have noticed a 10 – 15% improvement in battery drain over night making this a worthy update to your Galaxy S6.

More power to Samsung in getting these updates out via third arty channels rather than relying on firmware.

Galaxy S6 Camera fix + LED Flash

Galaxy S6 Camera fix + LED Flash – if you are having problems with your Galaxy S6 camera check out this handy guide to removing the plastic from around your camera and LED flash.

Over time dust and fluff can get stuck to this little bit of plastic that Samsung places on the Galaxy S6 during assembly and transport. It’s best to remove this little bit of plastic as over time it can impair the excellent camera in the S6.